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This is high strength Nicotine in PG and/or VG base.

Choose from 24mg, 36mg, 48mg or 100mg Nicotine level and is to be used with 0mg Nicotine E-Liquids.
For example mix 24mg Nicotine base with your existing 0mg E-Juice at 50% / 50% to get a 12mg E-Liquid.

Nicotine Level / mg strength:
Buy TWICE your desired Nicotine level. See chart below to determine what your desired Nicotine level will be, then DOUBLE the mg level.
E-Liquid Nicotine Strength Guide
For example if you are a Regular smoker (which is most people) then you would be Medium Nicotine in your normal cigarettes which is 12mg Nicotine level. So you would purchase DOUBLE this mg strength being our 24mg Nicotine level.

Low, casualLight, lowLow6mgBuy 12mg

Your smoking level Type / Strength of smokes Cigarette Type Niccotine Level Buy Mix
Pack a day or more Unfiltered, very strong Supper High 24mg Buy 48mg
High to pack a day Full Flavored, strong High 18mg Buy 36mg
Normal everyday Regular (most) Medium 12mg Buy 24mg
eCig trying to quit Quitting, very low eCig user 3mg 0mg to 6mg

Still not sure what mg of Nicotine to order?
Why not mix and Match. If you wish to order 3 x 24mg and 3 x 36mg or any other combination please simply order any mg level and then send email to telling us what combination of Nicotine mg strengths you wish to receive. There is no extra charge for this.
This is a perfect way to get off Nicotine usage all together. e.g. You may want to order 2 x 36mg, 2 x 24mg and 2 x 12mg. This is perfect combination to help reduce your Nicotine mg strength over time.

PG or VG ration:
We recommend you start with 50% PG / 50% VG ration liquid. If you know you want that extra throat HIT then you may try a higher % of PG in your mix. If you want big Cloudes then your going to want more VG in your mix. PG and VG guide below.
E-liquid can be made up of 100% PG base, 100% VG base or a combination of both. 
If you require 100% PG or 100% VG please email (stock limited).
If not specified we will send a) 50% PG / 50% VG or b) Some PG & Some VG bottles of your requested Nicotine strength.
But which one is better? We will talking about this in different categories:

Throat Hit: PG based eliquid provides a stronger throat hit and more pure flavor taste than the VG based ones.

Vapor Production: VG based eliquid creates more vapor than the PG based ones, and it has a slightly sweet aftertaste.

Temperature Resistance: VG based eliquid has higher temperature resistance than the PG based one.

High Power Mods: If using high power mods you may want to use a Nicotine Base of VG rather then PG e-liquid base. As using a high PG base may cause a burnt taste when using in high power devices.

Making STRONG TASTING Flavours – Not to be confused with Strong Nicotine strength
If you are looking for a STRONGER Flavour Liquid, when I say this I mean for example you buy a Doubler form your local shop and you want the flavour to stay STRONG and not be changed much, then you may like to TRIPLE your normal Cigarette mg level and then mix only 25% of the Nicotine mix with your normal 0mg E-Liquid flavours. For example, you may mix 10ml of your Normal E-Liquid with 5ml of a 36mg Nicotine base liquid from us to achieve a total of 15ml of 12mg mixed Liquid. If you choose to do this you can use the below guide.

So you would purchase TRIPLE this mg strength being our 32mg Nicotine level.

Low, casualLight, lowLow8mgBuy 24mg

Your smoking level Type / Strength of smokes Cigarette Type Niccotine Level Buy Mix
Pack a day or more Unfiltered, very strong Supper High 33mg Buy 100mg
High to pack a day Full Flavored, strong High 16mg Buy 48mg
Normal everyday Regular (most) Medium 12mg Buy 36mg
eCig trying to quit Quitting, very low eCig user 4mg Buy 12mg

We highly suggest you use the first table we supplied unless you are experienced and know about mixing Nicotine with eliquids for some time.

Buying Nicotine eliquid to use in your Austrian Electronic Cigarette devices is what we do. If you need any information on this your welcome to email us at and we will be happy to assist you further. Again our Nicotine Liquids are of best quality and we hope you enjoy them as much as we do.

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Nicotine Strength

12mg, 24mg, 48mg, 100mg (+$3.00 per 100ml) Before Discounts


200ml, 600ml, 1000ml

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